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Our Story

With 11 generations in Centre County, Marianne's family roots can be traced back to the early 1700's.  After purchasing 223 W Curtin St. in 2002, the meticulous and loving renovations of the historic home, that had been a rental property for many years, began.  The original wood floors, the French doors, and the interior brick are some of their favorites. Blending modern touches with the original Victorian charm creates a unique atmosphere. 


They began opening their home and entertaining friends and family when the initial renovations were completed.  And while serving as keynote speaker for a national women’s organization, Marianne spoke about finding joy in what you do.  While reflecting and receiving encouragement from friends, she decided to open Simplicity: A Bed and Breakfast, in 2007. 


Sharing Marianne's love of baking, cooking, and hospitality, Simplicity: A Bed and Breakfast quickly established a loyal following of guests who have become a special part of the Simplicity family.  Marianne extends her gratitude to them when they invite their families, friends, and colleagues to stay.  


Marianne gets that same welcoming feeling when walking into the house as she did when she first stepped into it many years ago! She still believes that the house is even better when filled with family and friends! Simplicity: A Bed and Breakfast is growing with continued improvements to the house and expansion of the gardens each year, with plans to include an additional room for the bed and breakfast.  We can't wait to show you!

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